EMR Laboratories Inc. provides drone (UAV) telepresence solutions such as 3D cameras and force feedback joystick control interfaces for both the commercial and hobby markets.
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Telepresence Puts Your Pilot in the Vehicle

You could be doing infrastructure inspections, trying to defuse a bomb or simply working in a dynamic environments. Human pilots have an advantage over simple sensors and 3D video gives a pilot more situational awareness. Telepresence even finds application in larger UAVs for high bandwidth activities such as piloted takeoffs and landings. The Augmented Reality Engine allows intuitive fusion between data gathering sensors such as high resolution cameras and what the pilot/sensor operator is experiencing. And augmented reality can also provide subtle cues to influence a pilots control behavior according to sensor feedback – essentially putting the intelligence of the human operator into the control loop.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Telepresence is an interface to the real world that is better then a picture; it needs no translation. Sensor intelligence has a long way to go before it can replace the human operator.

Features of the StareHD3D Camera

The StareHD3D camera combines dual HD video sensors and a video processor engine (VPE) to provide stereo video for unmanned vehicle, robotic and telepresence applications. The VPE provides dynamic control over the video pipeline to allow re-sizing, cropping and positioning of each video stream in real-time. This enables the two video streams to merge into a single synchronized output frame supporting various 3D and head mounted display formats.

Every vehicle and telepresence application is different. The StareHD3D camera was designed from the ground up to adapt to your application. Contact us to discuss how the StareHD3D can be custom configured to meet your needs.


Never lose awareness. If you lose awareness, you get lost; you end up at the back of the pack.


Why watch it when you can be there?

With high definition 3D telepresence your operator will know exactly where they are. How far away things are and how much space can be used to safely move around. Telepresence is the natural way to navigate through the world. Simply using human lessons learned since birth there is no need to relearn intermediary steps such as third person piloting or first person view control. Then pilot practice is required only for learning the vehicle dynamics. Under these conditions even the sensor operator can be trusted to maneuver the vehicle.

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