EMR Laboratories Inc. provides drone (UAV) telepresence solutions such as 3D cameras and force feedback joystick control interfaces for both the commercial and hobby markets.
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The Future of Tele-Presence is Here
Stereo Tele-Presence and Augmented Reality Engine (STARE) HD3D Camera debuted at AUVSI 2015.

Stay tuned - more information coming soon.

StareHD3D Camera

The StareHD3D camera is the first of our Pro-Series telepresence products.

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Custom Solutions

Use our customization service to modify our current products into exactly what you need.

Stealth3D Camera

The Stealth3D camera is a stereoscopic 3D thermal imaging camera designed for covert no-light missions.

HD3D-lite Camera

The HD3D-lite camera is a consumer grade version of the StareHD3D Camera.


Use a joystick to pilot a remote vehicle.

Why watch it when you can be there?


StareHD3D telepresence gives your system operator the situational awareness required for easy mission success. Better situational awareness can only be achieved by actually being there!


Our 3D Video Portfolio
Media portfolio coming soon.


The future is now 3D